Volvo Performance Branch Reveals Mouth Watering Engine

Typically our Swedish automaker is known for safe and reliable rides, just like the ones we have here at Carlsbad Volvo.  Well, thanks to the performance arm, Polestar, you can now add incredible power and speed, all thanks to their new V8 engine.

This new engine will be placed inside a racer bound for the V8 Supercar racing series in Australia, and will compete with the usual suspects in GM and Ford.

The V8 beast has been dubbed the B8444S, and has a redline of 7500 as a result of the direct injected 60-degree aluminum block.

Being a boosted version of a Yamaha 4.4-liter V8, the professionals at Polestar upped the compression to 10.1 and expanded it to 5.0-liters.

The numbers for this naturally aspirated engine from Polestar and Volvo has not been officially released, and we cannot wait to hear what the results are.  Make sure you keep in the loop here on our blog as we find out more information.  What we do know is that to qualify for the Supercar racing series a vehicle must be able to reach at 620-650 horsepower, so we should expect the new engine to be right in that ball park.

This V8 monster is for racing purposes, so you will not find it in any of the vehicles we have in our inventory of new Volvo rides.  However, we are pretty sure you are better off with more safety and luxury, like that offered in the 2014 S80.

To come check out all we have to offer stop by our Carlsbad, California showroom whenever you are in the region, and our professional staff can show you around.

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