Volvo Impresses Once Again, This Time by Revealing a New Concept Model on YouTube

Volvo has big things in store for the automotive industry in the near future. Proof can be found on the automaker's YouTube channel, which is where a new concept has been officially revealed by the name of the Concept XC Coupe.

And what does this new concept entail, you ask? We try to explain the style and edge of the concept when we could simply show you? That's right, you can check out the video reveal for yourself below. It's quite an exciting video and it already has us wondering what will become of the Concept XC Coupe once it's officially revealed to the industry.

With that, there's sure to be even more speculation regarding the Concept XC Coupe here in our new Volvo showroom, which is fine by us because our Carlsbad, CA team cannot get enough of it. If you're interested in learning more about this exciting concept, be sure to stay tuned. Should anyone here at Carlsbad Volvo hear anything more, we'll be sure to update you here on our blog as soon as possible.

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