Discover Simple Ingenuity with Volvo Cars

To show off the advanced Drive-E powertrain Volvo introduced with their new generation of vehicles they are highlighting other great Swedish ideas and thinkers.

In their newest video Volvo compares their idea of producing more power from less fuel to the inspiration behind the creation of the Swedish Treehotel.  Check this out below to see a little piece of ecofriendly ingenuity from both our brand and the co-creator of the unique hotel:

Drawing from nature the co-creator of the Treehotel, Kent Lindvall, used the same simple ideals that Volvo used in designing their Drive-E systems.  For both our brand and Lindvall the Swedish thinking that created their ecofriendly product is revolutionary and beneficial to the world.

If you would like the check out the rides we have here born from Swedish thinking then stop by our Carlsbad, California showroom and see all the new Volvo cars we currently offer.  With efficient drivetrains and stellar style our vehicles can bring you into the new generation of driving.

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