Volvo Drive-E Powertrains Help Nurture Mother Nature with Sustainable Practices

Green Up Day is just days away, and we know folks in the Carlsbad, CA are looking for ways to make a difference on this beautiful home we call earth.

There are various ways one can clean up the environment; for some, it means picking up litter or practicing better recycling methods, and for others, it means finding environmentally-friendly products that will show long-term sustainable satisfaction.  Volvo Drive-E powertrains are an excellent example of such a product.

As a way of accommodating the need to get to A to B while treating our earth with the respect it deserves, Volvo's efficient powertrains use high-speed continuous variable valve timing, intelligent heat management and friction reduction with new ball bearings.

For more, take a moment to view this video. You'll be surprised with what you'll learn.

Impressed? Get the full scoop here at Carlsbad Volvo and even test drive a vehicle equipped with one, such as the 2015 Volvo V60 sport wagon!

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